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Infrastructure and logistics
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Infrastructure & transportation, Supply and equipment (construction material and equipment), Intelligent transport system (traffic control devices, toll and ticketing systems, software products), Ground (geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical engineering)

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3a S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been working in the field of agrometeorology and DSS for agriculture for approximately 16 years. The company was created by the integration of the founders’ expertise in meteorology, agronomy and ICT. Focusing its activities within the sphere of integrated farming, 3a S.r.l. organised itself to provide technology and consulting services, identifying agrometeorological information as a fundamental factor in agriculture, in the rational control of pest management and the use of water resources. It is a founding member of the AIAM (Italian Association of Agrometeorology) and participates in several research projects in agrometeorology. It is a recognised member of the ICT cluster in Turin (ICT Pole), which brings together the most innovative companies in industry. It is participating in several research projects in partnership with universities.rnTo achieve its strategy, 3a is organised into two integrated areas: the first one deals with technical assistance in agriculture, while the second one provides ICT tools to support the farmers. A permanent technical team that supports farms in defining strategies for pest management, fertiliser plans, production plans, quality control and food safety provides agronomic consultancy. The ICT area, placed in Turin, deals with the management of agrometeorological information, the development of modelling and DSS platforms and techniques to disseminate information and warnings to farmers. To achieve both goals (supporting 3a’s technology and farmers in the agro-management) a digital ecosystem of applications (Green Planet platform) has been created. This platform allows, on the one hand, the population of the source database with information required by the DSS, such as meteorological data, field observations, geo-referenced maps and, on the other, the generation of advanced processing, including the development of predictive modelling, and the dissemination of this information in different ways.


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